Paste Service

This is a description of the API commands available for the Paste service.

Submit a Paste



Name Type Default Description
code string NULL Required The text that will be submitted as the paste content.
title string NULL The title for the paste.
syntax string text
The syntax of the pasted code.

This can be one of the following:
expireUnit string never The expiration type for the paste. Possible values are view (Number of Views) or a date value minute, hour, day, month, year
expireLength int 1 The length of whatever unit you choose before the paste is deleted.
password string NULL Specify a password to encrypt and lock the paste with.


{"result":{"id":id, "url":"url", "title":"title", "syntax":"text", "expiration":"datetime", "password":"password"}}
Name Type Description
id string The id of the paste.
url string The direct url to the paste.
title string The title of the paste.
syntax string The syntax of the pasted code.
expiration datetime The date of expiration of the paste.
password string The password of the paste.


$ curl --data "title=Paste%20Title&expireUnit=view&expireLength=3" --data-urlencode "code=This is my test code."

This will submit the paste with a title and expiration when the paste has viewed 3 times.